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APRIL 2013


Our Long Playing client


We've enjoyed a very successful relationship with Intrada, the world's largest independent soundtrack producer and dealer. Intrada has been on the scene since 1985 and has produced over 435 soundtrack albums—not to mention having sold many tens of thousands of other CDs at their store, as well.


But in the process of tallying their achievements, we discovered that we’ve designed 330 of their albums since 1998! Phew!!




MARCH 2013


Coming to a theater very soon


Our professional relationship with Lukas Kendall dates back to 1997. Together we've worked in the magazine industry (75 issues of Film Score Monthly) and the music industry (over 250 CDs and counting).


Now, Kendall and Vineyard Haven LLC are entering the movie business, and we're proud to have created the titles and posters for their first film (opening April 5).







dWELL is (re)opened for business


After 15 years of design in the print realm (with occasional side trips into animation and film), we’re pleased to announce our renewed focus on motion pictures.


designWELL is your source for titles, animation, posters, packaging and more. If you're a filmmaker looking for agency-quality work from a friendly, affordable team, give us a call And please follow and "like" us on Facebook.


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